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Reasons to have your Property Surveyed

You may think that a land survey is unnecessary and tedious however the survey is needed in many cases if you want to save yourself from confusions or legal troubles. A land survey can be known as a graphic depiction of your property because it covers the task of outlining the legal boundaries and other features as well. Drafting the layout of exact dimensions of a property is the main task of a surveyor. The layout includes a description of the property line, its boundaries, and map. The physical measurement of land is also vital as the paperwork may have outdated landmarks and may include the trees which are now disappeared, so the physical measure helps to mention the exact measurement of features in the report. The surveyors also use various tools including GPS and altimeter to measure the property’s elevation. In all cases, a surveyor should have a certificate otherwise he is not eligible for a land survey.

What to Do before Buying a Land?

If you consider a survey before buying a land of real estate, it will be beneficial for you in the long run. You may notice that many title insurance and mortgage companies do not require having land survey however it is still a smart way to avoid any legal complications. You need to be aware regarding the boundary discrepancies before purchasing a property as they can affect the value of the property. The land survey will let you sort out all the queries and issues before purchasing a property, so you can enjoy the ownership of this most valuable asset with peace of mind.

Sorting Out the Boundary Disputes

At a residential level, people usually have a dispute regarding the boundaries of property especially from where the property of one person begins, and the neighbour’s property ends. Such issues sometimes cause a major dispute and calling a land surveyor to confirm boundary line is the best solution. The surveyors in London are usually familiar with the rules and regulations according to the instructions of regulatory authority so they have to prepare a report as per law otherwise, their certificate may be cancelled.

The Improvement of Land or Building a New Home

If you are going to build a fence, shed or any structure that is near to the boundaries, a land survey is crucial to highlight the exact edges, otherwise, you may have to destruct the structure near boundaries if it is not within your property and your money will be wasted this way. The land survey becomes more vital when you construct a new building as if it exceeds the boundary, you’ll face harsh consequences. The contractor or builder is usually not very much aware of the boundary measurement however the commercial agents in London can help you to invest your money in the land that you actually own.

Cautions While Selling a Land

Selling a property isn’t a piece of cake as buyers want the assurance in so many aspects and they prefer paperwork. If you are planning to sell your property, a land survey by a certified surveyor will increase the value of your land as both, you and buyer will be saved from facing legal issues. If a road is passing outside your house or property then the land survey will tell you the exact worth of the property as in such cases, the value of land increases and so you can get a better outcome. Outdated surveys have a low level of accuracy but the new one with the technique of GPS measures the most accurate lines that make you aware regarding the exact worth of your property.Add paragraph text here.

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